Personalize It This Mother’s Day!

by Shain Leyton on April 12, 2021

Mother’s Day seems to creep up on us year after year. We can get so caught up in motherhood, that sometimes we forget to take some time for ourselves. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I am here to remind you to treat yourself and all those Moms around you. 

Some of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas are personalized pieces. Whether it be names or initials, personalized jewelry is always such a special gift to receive. It shows thoughtfulness, and the reactions upon opening the jewelry box are always priceless.

I picked out some of my favorite personalized pieces that are sure to brighten up your Mother’s Day.

14K Gold Diamond Name Necklace

This custom name necklace is a beautiful, everyday piece. Great for a proud Mama!

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Name Beaded Bracelet

The beaded name bracelet is delicate and gorgeous alone or in a stack. The length is 6.5”-7”, so there is plenty of room for adjustment.

14K Gold Diamond Initial Necklace

This necklace is so fun and has many levels of personalization. You can choose your amount of initials and hearts.

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Name Cuff Bracelet

Whether you choose to include initials, or a name, this cuff is a great addition to your collection. Also comes in White and Rose Gold!


Another one of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas comes from our Mommy Collection. Your mommy title is something to be proud of, so wear it with pride!

We have 3 different 14K Gold Diamond MOM necklaces. They even look great layered with the personalized pieces mentioned above.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those killer Mamas!