Once Upon a Time...

by Gabrielle Sharfman on October 05, 2021

Once Upon a Time…

The beginning of Fall always feels like a fairytale and everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life. So if you want to add a bit of whimsy to your current look, our fairytale collection is a good place to start. You can start with one of our new mushroom necklaces that feel like they came right out of a storybook! We have a variety of mushroom necklaces to choose from. There is a mother of pearl mushroom charm, as well as a rose quartz charm that looks as charming as a prince! There’s a malachite mushroom too, with a ruby heart to hold your dearest wishes. These necklaces look great both separately and together! You can also tap into feeling majestic with our lion signet ring, or feel like a daydreaming mermaid while wearing our triple strand freshwater pearl necklace. Or you can let a serpent wrap around your finger with our snake ring. Lastly, bring the secret garden to you with our emerald or diamond flower studs with hanging stems. Any of these will make you feel like you’re living happily ever after. So whether you’re looking for yourself or you’re being someone else’s fairy godmother, good luck!

Search and shop any of the described items from the list below! We hope you enjoy choosing from this new fairytale collection that we are so proud of!

14K Yellow Gold Large Diamond Lion Signet Ring

14K Yellow Gold Magical Mother of Pearl Mushroom Charm

Magical Rose Quartz Mushroom Charm

Magical Malachite Diamond and Ruby Heart Mushroom Charm

14K Gold Emerald Flower Stud Earrings with Stem

Triple Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Snake Ring

14K Gold Diamond Flower Stud Earring with Stem

14K Gold Emerald Flower Stud Earrings with Stem